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Table 3 Factors associated with caregiver quality of life domain scores in analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)

From: Family caregiver quality of life in multiple sclerosis among Kuwaitis: a controlled study

A. Significant covariates* Carer QOL domains significantly associated in ANCOVA F P
Carer afraid of having MS Physical health 8.6 0.008
Education of caregiver General facet health & QOL 8.6 0.008
Occupation of caregiver General facet health & QOL 4.6 0.04
Patient's duration of illness Physical health 6.0 0.02
  General facet health & QOL 3.7 0.07
Gender of patient Physical health 3.4 0.08
Education of patient Environment 5.9 0.02
Occupation of patient Environment 3.9 0.06
B. Significant covariates**    
BDI (depression) score Social relations 4.0 0.05
  Environment 3.9 0.05
EDSS (disability score) Independence 5.9 0.02
  1. * Variables entered in ANCOVA: Carer's & pt's socio-demographic characteristics; carer's attitudes to MS; Pt's clinical data
  2. ** Variables entered in ANCOVA: Patient's depression & disability scores; duration of illness