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Table 3 Treatment cost savings from SHDGP Diabetes Program (AUD 2005)

From: A cost effectiveness study of integrated care in health services delivery: a diabetes program in Australia

  Cost saving per patient-year(a) Range for sensitivity testing
Hospitalization costs(b) -44 -86 to -44
Antidiabetic prescribing(c) -40 -40 to 0
Guideline compliance(d) +50 +10 to +90
Total -34 -116 to +46
  1. (a) Negative sign indicates cost saving
  2. (b) AIHW estimate health expenditure on diabetes per patient-year of $A1,469, with 37% for hospital services. Updating to 2005 prices gives an estimated expenditure of $A601 per patient-year on hospital services. Estimated savings are obtained by applying the percentage reduction in costs of treating complications from the UKPDS model (7.4% – see Table 2). The larger saving of $A86 per patient-year used in sensitivity testing is the difference between the cost of hospital episodes with ICD-10 codes 10–14 for SHDGP ($A255 per patient-year) and for NSW ($A341). Data provided by NSW Health.
  3. (c) The difference between the annual cost to the PBS of prescription antidiabetic agents per type 2 diabetic patient in SHDGP ($A80.95) and nationally ($A121.50). Reflects a difference in the prescribing rate of 5.1 scripts per person in SHDGP and 7.7 nationally.
  4. (d) The increase in treatment cost due to guideline compliance of $A50 is an indicative figure based on the average annual cost per diabetic patient of out-of-hospital medical services and other professional services of $A454 in 2005 prices and the difference between the proportion of known diabetic patients giving rise to SIP claims in SHDGP (31%) and nationally (20%).
  5. Source: SHDGP Diabetes Program; [34], p.1 and Table 2; [33, 35]