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Table 4 Comparison between patients' initial expectations and patients' final experiences of the responses of the hospital management and the medical professional expressed as percentages of patients (N = 279)

From: Complaints handling in hospitals: an empirical study of discrepancies between patients' expectations and their experiences

Hospital management Expectations
very and most important %
% of patients who considered the item very/most important reporting that their expectations were not met
- ensure the complaint is discussed with the employees or department involved 86 61
- inform me that corrective measures have been taken 84 77
- inform me which corrective measures have been taken 73 88
Medical professional(s)   
- admit an error if an error was made 89 79
- explain how the incident could have happened 75 79
- offer an apology 45 81
- show sympathy for what I went through 44 80
- make an effort to restore our relationship 19 88