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Table 1 Population characteristics (N = 279)

From: Complaints handling in hospitals: an empirical study of discrepancies between patients' expectations and their experiences

Demographic characteristics
   Females 65%
   With higher professional or university education 43%
   Age, mean 52 yrs
   Age, range 19 – 83 yrs
Complaint characteristics  
   Concerned medical treatment 66%
   Concerned nursing care 22%
   Concerned lack of information 41%
   Concerned interpersonal conduct 57%
   Concerned organisation of care 38%
Reported impact of event giving rise to complaint  
   Gave rise to physical discomfort, pain or handicap 82%
   Gave rise to mental suffering 85%
   Had financial consequences 64%
Made a claim for financial compensation  
   Made a claim for financial compensation 8%