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Table 2 Percentage of GPs who inform patients of their belief that, in view of concerns about costs to the patient and costs to the healthcare system, they consider trade-offs between costs and health benefits to be relevant to clinical decision-making

From: Bedside rationing by general practitioners: A postal survey in the Danish public healthcare system

Concern for, % Treatment Information about trade-off *P value
Patient (N = 312) Effect 85 P < 0.045
Patient (N = 310) Side-effect 80  
System (N = 305) Effect 55 P < 0.028
System (N = 296) Side-effect 50  
  1. *McNemar test used to assess whether physicians have the same pattern of information when they make trade offs in cases of side-effect and cases of effect
  2. Missing data: up to 12 participants