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Table 1 Cost components measure in cost questionnaire

From: Development and first assessment of a questionnaire for health care utilization and costs for cardiac patients

Cost component Parameter Recall period Valuation*
Utilization of paid and unpaid help Nature of help, duration (hours), outlays 4 weeks Mean gross wage of a housekeeper
Travel expenses Type of transportation, number of rides, cost (if public transportation) or kilometers (car) 4 weeks Outlays (public transportation), official schedule of travel expenses (car)
Physical activities, gym activities Type of activity, average number per week, duration, outlays 4 weeks Average prices per activity
Physician services Specialization of physician, number of consultations, services performed 12 weeks Mean reimbursement per consultation
Intake of prescribed medication Name of medication, current daily dosage, changes in medication or dosage 12 weeks Official pharmaceutical price list
Intake of unprescribed medication Name of medicine, number and size of packages purchased 12 weeks Official pharmaceutical price list
Physical therapeutics/non-physician services Type and number of services 12 weeks Pricing schedule of statutory health insurance
Alternative care Type and number of services, outlays 12 weeks Outlays or price schedule of alternative care
Medical products Type of product, outlays/cost 12 weeks Average market prices
Change in diet Type of dietary changes, estimated additional outlays 12 weeks Outlays estimated by patients
Lost productive time Reason for lost productive time, duration 12 weeks Average sex- and age-adjusted labor costs
Inpatient stay Reason for inpatient treatment, duration 12 weeks Average per diem rates**
  1. *Valuation in 2006 prices following suggested unit cost [33].
  2. ** Mean department specific hospital cost per day as suggested by Krauth et al. [33].