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Table 7 Food wastage at the participating wards

From: Effect of changed organisation of nutritional care of Danish medical inpatients

  Control Intervention
   Beginning Middle End
  Wastage rate,%
Warm breakfast* 49 56 36 17
Lunch 55 37 24 20
Supper 60 34 17 19
"Late evening"** Not recorded 68 31 17
Average wastage for all meals recorded 55 49 27 18
  1. * Porridge etc.
  2. ** Meal served at 8 pm; includes small dishes such as soup, milk beverages, porridge, stewed fruit and cocoa.
  3. Average food wastage at the participating wards I, II and III before and during the employment of the nutritional and healthcare assistant. The control data are collected on three weekdays. The data from the intervention period are collected on a daily basis by the nutritional and healthcare assistant, and represent for 10 days during start-up of the job function (beginning) and after 3 months' (middle) and 5 months' (end) intervention.