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Table 3 Questions and distribution of quantitative answers

From: Effect of changed organisation of nutritional care of Danish medical inpatients

Questions and answers\Patient group A
n = 30
n = 25
n = 20
a) Have there been days during your stay when you have not eaten much?    
   Yes/No/Don't know 24/6/0 17/7/1 17/3/0
b) If yes, has the staff done anything to ensure that you have something to eat and drink?    
   Yes/No/Don't know 12/9/3 6/6/5 11/3/3
c) Has the staff given you the impression that food is important for your health?    
   Yes/No/Don't know 18/11/1 7/16/2 14/3/3
d) Do you believe food is important for the speed of your recovery?    
   Yes/No/Don't know 25/3/2 19/5/1 16/2/1
  1. Before and during the intervention the following patients answer the questions; Group A: patients who are admitted before the nutritional and health assistant is employed on the ward. Group B: patients who are admitted during the employment period of the nutritional and healthcare assistant but not receiving her nutritional care. Group C: patients who are receiving nutritional care from the nutritional and healthcare assistant during their entire or part of their stay at the hospital.