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Table 1 The training program

From: Effect of changed organisation of nutritional care of Danish medical inpatients

Field of expertise Disciplines
Clinical expertise Physiology, pathology, vitamins and minerals, product orientation, nutrition and nutritional therapy.
Practical skills Hygiene, cooking, baking, aesthetic presentation and serving of food, and feeding tube care.
Organisation Cooperation forms (cross-functional, network, etc.), division of responsibilities in the nutritional care, documentation in the nursing care, use of the information and IT system for the ordering of food and the recording of food wastage.
Pedagogy Philosophy of man, provision of care, communication, patient's perspective, the art of motivating and providing information, personal appearance, self-insight and being present.
  1. Fields of expertise and disciplines in the in-service training programme for the social and healthcare assistants are described in this table. The four fields of expertise are weighted equally and outside instructors are attached as teachers. In total 90 lessons.