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Table 5 History of diabetic retinopathy as reported by diabetic patients (n = 900) by blood glucose level* and eye examination, n (%)

From: Care of vision and ocular health in diabetic members of a national diabetes organization: A cross-sectional study

  Known history of diabetic retinopathy No history of diabetic retinopathy
Regular eye examination     
   HbA1c within treatment target 39 (12.9) 264 (87.1)
   HbA1c above treatment target 113 (23.3) 371 (76.7)
No regular eye examination     
   HbA1c within treatment target 3 (5.5) 52 (94.5)
   HbA1c above treatment target 3 (5.3) 54 (94.7)
  1. *HbA1c in accordance with treatment target level given in the Norwegian College of General Practitioners' guidelines.
  2. Pearson chi-square p = 0.001 between persons with HbA1c within and person with HbA1c above treatment target.