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Table 1 Summary of study characteristics: Medical compared with Surgical TOP

From: Experiences of abortion: A narrative review of qualitative studies

Author & Date Title of article Country Sample characteristics Details
Simonds et al 1998 [15] Abortion, Revised: Participants in the U.S. Clinical Trials Evaluate Mifepristone U.S. n = 27 women
n = 78 health care workers
Age: Over 18
Recruitment from a clinical trial site
Individual interviews
Focus groups with health care workers at 17 sites.
Interview duration: average of 15–20 mins, up to 45 mins
Timing: about 2 weeks after TOP
Elul et al 2000 [16] In-depth Interviews With Medical Abortion Clients: Thoughts on the Method and Home Administration of Misoprostol U.S. n = 22 Recruitment from a clinical trial site
In-depth interviews
Duration: 30 mins
Timing: immediately after their follow-up visit of which 9 interviewed one week after TOP.
Fielding et al 2002 [17] Having an Abortion Using Mifepristone and Home Misoprostol: A Qualitative Analysis of Women's Experiences U.S. n = 43
n = 30
Mean age: 26
Around 3/4 white and single, most worked full-time.
Recruitment from a clinical trial site
Pre and post abortion open-ended questionnaires
In-depth interviews
Interview duration: 30 mins
Timing: 1–6 weeks following medical abortion.
Lafaurie et al 2005 [18] Women's Perspectives on Medical Abortion in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru: A Qualitative Study Latin America n = 49
Age: most in their mid-20s.
Women from urban and rural settings and range of socio-economic backgrounds
Recruitment through clinicians who provide both MTOP and STOP
In-depth interviews in Spanish
Duration:1–2 hrs