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Table 6 Variables related to unofficial payments in government health services

From: An inter-country comparison of unofficial payments: results of a health sector social audit in the Baltic States

Related variable Adjusted Odds Ratios (95% CI)
  Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Giving a gift OR 11.34 (5.07–25.35) OR 4.04 (2.72–6.00) OR 3.40 (2.52–4.49)
More education   OR 2.53 (1.69–3.80) OR 2.10 (1.55–2.86)
Urban residence   OR 2.41 (1.45–5.26)  
Household income sufficient for needs    OR 1.53 (1.04–2.14)
  1. The OR and 95% CI are the adjusted values from logistic regression analysis. See Methods for the variables included in the analysis and details of the models from individual countries in the supplementary tables