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Table 2 Key Elements Identified to Improve Arthritis Models of Care

From: Characteristics of evolving models of care for arthritis: A key informant study

1. Patient Self-Management
   ▪ Patients manage their care through support for self-management
   ▪ Patient-centred education considering individual patient needs and readiness for information
2. Provider skills and expertise
   ▪ Providers are confident and skilled in musculoskeletal examination and knowledgeable of arthritis care and best practices
3. Team structure and process
   ▪ Multidisciplinary composition of team as needed
   ▪ Mechanisms for communication/interaction within team including the patient
   ▪ The team has a clear understanding of the roles in the team
   ▪ Mutual respect, trust and equality within team
   ▪ Skills of all providers in the team are maximized
4. Health Care Delivery
   ▪ Timely access
   ▪ Client-centred approach to care delivery
   ▪ Coordination of care across the continuum and assistance for patients navigating the system
   ▪ Comprehensive services including self-management support and non-pharmacologic interventions such as exercise
   ▪ Evidence-based care
   ▪ Continuity of care
   ▪ Develop multiple entry points to system for patients to access care without delay
5. Health System
   ▪ Stable funding
   ▪ Holistic chronic disease approach
   ▪ Technology to share patient information across the system
   ▪ Monitoring systems and research and evaluation
   ▪ Leadership and local champions
   ▪ Health human resource planning
6. Community
   ▪ Partnerships between organizations and community programs
   ▪ Clients are linked to community services at the right stage of the disease process
   ▪ Community involvement
7. Public Awareness and Primary Prevention
   ▪ Public awareness of arthritis
   ▪ Primary prevention strategies