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Table 2 Questions used to assess scientific quality of the study and the reader's ability to adequately understand the intervention

From: Too little but not too late: Results of a literature review to improve routine immunization programs in developing countries

Questions Trials with Comparison Groups Trials with evaluation before & after Observational
Is the strategy defined? Yes Yes Yes
Is there a methods section? Yes Yes Yes
Are the strategy and methods sections defined in a comprehensive way? Yes Yes Yes
Is the study question clearly defined? Yes Yes No
Are outcomes/outputs clearly defined? Yes Yes No
Can outcomes be attributed to interventions? Yes Yes No
Is the explanation of the target population sufficient? Yes Yes Yes
Is the target population studied appropriate? Yes Yes No
Was the method used to obtain cases and controls explained? Yes No No
Was randomization used to select cases and controls? Yes No No
Was the method of selecting cases and controls appropriate? Yes No No
Was a method for checking immunization status described? Yes Yes Yes
Was the method for determining sample size provided? Yes Yes No
Have confounders been identified? Yes Yes No
Were the confounders taken into consideration? Yes Yes No
Was the time frame of the study defined? Yes Yes No
Is the time frame sufficient for the intervention to have an impact? Yes Yes Yes
Did the authors make comments regarding limitations of the strategy? Yes Yes Yes
Did the authors compare results with similar studies? Yes Yes Yes
Was adequate data analysis conducted? Yes Yes Yes
Was the response rate adequate? No Yes No