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Table 1 Agreed criteria for exception reporting

From: "Mind the gap!" Evaluation of the performance gap attributable to exception reporting and target thresholds in the new GMS contract: National database analysis

A Patients who have been recorded as refusing to attend review who have been invited on at least three occasions during the preceding twelve months
B Patients for whom it is not appropriate to review the chronic disease parameters due to particular circumstances e.g. terminal illness, extreme frailty
C Patients newly diagnosed within the practice or who have recently registered with the practice, who should have measurements made within three months and delivery of clinical standards within nine months e.g. blood pressure or cholesterol measurements within target levels
D Patients who are on maximum tolerated doses of medication whose levels remain sub-optimal
E Patients for whom prescribing a medication is not clinically appropriate e.g. those who have an allergy, another contraindication or have experienced an adverse reaction
F Where a patient has not tolerated medication
G Where a patient does not agree to investigation or treatment (informed dissent), and this has been recorded in their medical records
H Where the patient has a supervening condition which makes treatment of their condition inappropriate e.g. cholesterol reduction where the patient has liver disease
I Where an investigative service or secondary care service is unavailable