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Table 2 Possible rehabilitation needs were the CSP may need information and help

From: Cancer surviving patients' rehabilitation – understanding failure through application of theoretical perspectives from Habermas

The physical level
- Problems stemming form disease and treatment
- Pain
- Amputation
- Late effects stemming from treatment and the disease.
- Problems in understanding what happens
- Symptoms
- Symptom relief.
- Disease/treatments influence on sexual life/body identity
- Nutrition and food
- Life style changes
The psychological level
- Crisis
- Chock
- Fear, Fear of death, fear of living,
- Fear of relapse
- Handling of a possible incriminating situation
- Coping strategies.
- Changed identity/identity problems
- Difficulties in letting go of the role of the sick
- Changed quality of life
- Opportunity to meet other patients in the same situation
- Increased risk of depression
- Information on possible genetic disposition
- Information and support enabling the patient to take control and act.
The social level
- Body identity
- Sexuality
- Life plans
- Stigmatization
- Accept of being a CSP
- Fear and sorrow among relatives
- Normalization of family and network
- Fear of what is going to happen in the future
- Changes in roles/Status in
   - Marriage/relationship
   - Family
   - Children
   - Risk of being childless
   - Single parents
   - Risk of loosing a breadwinner
   - Workplace
   - Friends
   - Leisure activities (e.g. sports)
- Self-help groups/patient organisations for patient and relatives
The vocational level
- Keeping contact to workplace
- Working on reduced hours
- Unemployment (fear of)
- Reduced working capacity
- Sick note
- Vocational rehabilitation
- Early retirement/retirement
The material level
- Reduced income
- Expenses in relation to aids and appliances,
- Problems in relation to pension (now or for sawing)
- Material comforts and/or reduced living standard.
- Economic problems
- Reduced living standards (reduced housing standard due to reduced income)
- Problems regarding information on rights
- Problems in relation to social and economic conditions
- Problems in relation life plans