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Table 1 FGI guide for GPs. The same questions were used in the FGIs with hospital physicians, with the exception of those written in italics.

From: Cancer surviving patients' rehabilitation – understanding failure through application of theoretical perspectives from Habermas

Presentation of the project by the means of a poster – the focus area is general practice. (speak loudly and clearly, not at the same time, and be aware of mutual confidentiality)
Opening question:
- A short round where you present yourself by name, age, working place, and type of practice.
- How do you define the concept of rehabilitation for cancer patients?
- How do you see the GP's role in the rehabilitation process? (What and how?)
- What happens when a cancer patient is discharged from the hospital after the end of treatment? (Does the patient contact you? What are the problems? What happens next?)
- What rehabilitation needs do you experience a typical cancer patient to have?
- We are working with a broad definition of rehabilitation. Therefore, I will now ask more carefully regarding specific areas that we would like to cover. Some of the issues have already been mentioned, but we would like to know more about:
   - Physical (are the needs met?)
   - Psychological
   - Social
   - Educational and occupational
   - Material needs (rehabilitation aids, wage decreases)
- How do you coordinate and support the patient in the rehabilitation process? (Who can help or assist you? What do you wish for/need? What do you do yourselves?)
- What rehabilitation possibilities can you offer the patient? (And what is the purpose?)
- What rehabilitation possibilities are needed? (Are they applied?) And who should do the follow-up?
- In the context of the current discussion: What du you think the GP's role in the rehabilitation process is? (Who should coordinate, how should it be prioritized?)
Danish law says that a plan for effective and quick retraining should be available at discharge. Do you experience that the patients receive this? Does it work as intended?
- Concluding questions:
- We have discussed rehabilitation, is there anything we have missed?
- Are there any special messages we should bring with us?
Thank you very much