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Table 6 Conflict: The GP as a moral agent

From: Exploring general practitioners' experience of informing women about prenatal screening tests for foetal abnormalities: A qualitative focus group study

"I find it quite hard to be scientific and disconnected about it and yet still also taking into account someone's you know, value system." 0404
"You know some of them actually have the idea that because you're testing for it you've got to do something to fix it and they don't realize that there isn't anything you can do but terminate or decide to go through with the pregnancy." 0107
"What is meaningful information ?- even what is spina bifida really? and what is Down syndrome?.. are you going to terminate someone who has a great personality and a reasonably happy life? There are lots of issues...promoting...the perfect life, the perfect child, the perfect outcome whether we should you know – all those kind of things." 0202
"The other trick with that though is the perception of some people that it's not a risk – that it's alright to have a baby with a disability and therefore you know, how do you quantify that it's a risk you know... so how do you identify someone like that and not you know um, stir them up or upset them. It's tricky." 0404