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Table 4 Time pressures: GP as the Time keeper

From: Exploring general practitioners' experience of informing women about prenatal screening tests for foetal abnormalities: A qualitative focus group study

"I give them written information on the first visit but I usually stress out that...time will run out, so if they don't actually make up their mind reasonably quickly..." 0103
"I didn't used to bring up screening, but now because there's a bit of pressure...timing for the tests. I do I just say are you interested in screening?" 0202
"it's a lot to go through.... not to eat various foods, and you've got to tell them not to tell the world due to the risk of miscarriage, and you've got to tell them they can't have any alcohol and there's a lot to go through so it's fitting it all in." 0303
"To really discuss things in a meaningful way and give them information that they need to make a valid decision does become a fairly lengthy process." 0305
" it's very time-consuming to try and go through the issues when they first walk in..." 0404