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Table 3 Selectivity: GP as the gatekeeper

From: Exploring general practitioners' experience of informing women about prenatal screening tests for foetal abnormalities: A qualitative focus group study

"I certainly bring it up with everybody and give the various options that are available and I suppose I tend to push depending on what age that the mothers are." 0305
"If they're old I'll tell them I want you to think about it – if they're young, the subject is raised and then come back. And they often don't come back." 0204
"I think it's not good for doctors to assume just because someone's younger they wouldn't be interested or just because someone's old they would be interested, and to try and find the right language for that is quite challenging." 0404
"I still don't think women are going to understand what's best for them – they're going to rely on you to tell them what you think is best for them." 0203
"I think we can only guide the patients to the best decision that they are going to be comfortable with." 0304