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Table 2 Limitations of screening: The GP as the interpreter

From: Exploring general practitioners' experience of informing women about prenatal screening tests for foetal abnormalities: A qualitative focus group study

"You can't leave it and say "Well we'll just do the screening and then shall we think about should we have an amnio." I think you have to actually give people an idea of what to expect before you even embark on this whole thing." 0109
"I think you've got to tell them that the test is not 100% and that's where I think it gets complicated – and that's where you've got difficulties with people who can't understand statistics -I can't even understand it." 0201
"Bottom line is there are no guarantees for anything. " 0108
"We should be explaining the greyness...... there's almost nothing that we can offer and almost nothing we can do, will have an absolutely definite black or white answer." 0109
"It needs to be made clear that the result is not foolproof -it's not absolute." 0103
"It's very hard to get that message through until they get the gold standard answer." 0301