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Table 4 Access to medicines, expenditure (in US$) and payments to Family doctors

From: Access to medicines and out of pocket payments for primary care: Evidence from family medicine users in rural Tajikistan

  N %
Did you obtain the medicines prescribed by the Family Doctor?*   
   Yes 572 83.3%
   No 115 16.7%
If you did not obtain (all) the prescription medicines, why not?**   
   No pharmacy near by 13 11.2%
   No money 68 58.6%
   Pharmacy did not have medicine in stock 12 10.3%
   Did not feel I needed this medicine 4 3.4%
   Other 19 16.4%
Did you give any money to the Family Doctor?*   
   Yes 396 45.0%
   No 484 55.0%
  Mean (US$) Median (US$)
How much money did you spend on these medicines? 9.3 4.9
How much money did you spend traveling to obtain these medicines? 1.2 0.7
How much money did you give to the Family Doctor? 1.6 0.9
What was the approximate value of the non monetary gifts to Family Doctor? 0.4 0
  1. *missing = 151;**missing = 45