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Table 2 Division of countries included in this study in SSH and NHS system1)

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Countries with SSH system Countries with NHS system
■ Austria ■ Denmark
■ Belgium ■ Finland
■ France Greece (from 1983)
■ Germany ■ Ireland
Greece (until 1982) Italy (from 1978)
Italy (until 1977) ■ Norway
■ Luxembourg Portugal (from 1979)
■ Netherlands Spain (from 1986)
Portugal (until 1978) ■ Sweden
Spain (until 1985) ■ United Kingdom
■ Switzerland  
  1. 1) The division into SSH and NHS for Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain is based on the formal introduction of the system, as described in the country descriptions of the Health care system in transition series of the European Observatory in the chapter 'historical background'. [35-40]