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Table 2 Demographics of focus group participants.

From: "They think we're OK and we know we're not". A qualitative study of asylum seekers' access, knowledge and views to health care in the UK

  Focus Group Gender Country of Origin Length of time in the UK
A Farsi Female Iran -
B Farsi Male Afghanistan 1 yr 6 m
C Farsi Female Afghanistan 2 yr
L Farsi Female Iran 1 yr
A Turkish Male Turkey 2 yr
N Turkish Male Turkey 3 yr
J Turkish Male Turkey 3 yr 6 m
M Turkish Male Turkey 1 yr 9 m
H Turkish Male Turkey 2 yr 6 m
F Turkish Female Turkey -
S African Female DRC 3 yr 7 m
F African Female DRC 4 m
FK African Female DRC -
T African Female DRC -
C African Male DRC 2 yr
D African Female Republic of Guinea 1 yr 7 m
G Russian Female Russian Federation -
V Russian Male Russian Federation -
Y Russian Female Russian Federation -
N Russian Male Russian Federation -
S Russian Female Russian Federation -
B Russian Female Ukraine -
H Russian Male Ukraine -
M Women's Female DRC 2 yr
SM Women's Female Morocco 2 yr
SD Women's Female - 3 yr
E Women's Female Zimbabwe 1 yr 6 m
N Women's Female Sri Lanka 2 yr 6 m
F Somali Male Somalia -
SA Somali Female Somalia -
N Somali Female Somalia -
SU Somali Female Somalia -
Z Somali Female Somalia -
A Somali Female Somalia -
H Somali Male Somalia -
M Somali Female Somalia -