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Table 2 Principal component number 1

From: Evaluating the organisational climate in Italian public healthcare institutions by means of a questionnaire

24: recognition of good results by the organisation 0.77
17: concern of the General Management about the employees' needs 0.76
30: clarity in the way the General Management evaluates performance 0.75
34: respect for enterprisingness within the organisation 0.75
49: support for improvement of competence 0.75
46: clear aims stated by the unit's chief 0.74
39: consideration of the employees' opinions by the director of the unit when decisions are made 0.73
41:clarity of the incentive system in the unit 0.73
47: participation in decisions undertaken within the unit 0.73
18: efficacy of the General Management's system of internal communication among the various sectors of the organisation 0.72
19: propensity to advise others to work in the organisation 0.71
21: clarity in the assignment of job specifications by General Management 0.71
25: aims clearly defined by the General Management 0.71
45: propensity to advise others to work in the unit 0.71
50: encouragement by the unit's chief to improve professional knowledge 0.71
23: being proud to work in the organisation 0.70
33: consistency between the incentive system and the organisation's goals 0.70
44: comprehensibility of projects and aims of the unit 0.70
31: quality of services provided by the organisation 0.69
42: adequate management of internal conflicts within the unit 0.69
10: increased motivation after the transformation of the organisation into a public company 0.67
40: efficacious flow of information within the unit 0.67
13: sense of security as a result of the reorganisation 0.66
43: continuous education programs offered and promoted within the unit 0.66
16: clarity of the organisation's incentive system 0.65
28: efficacious flow of information within the organisation 0.64
29: propensity to teamwork within the organisation 0.64
6: personal involvement in decision processes which could affect one's job 0.64
8: propensity of units to collaborate with each other 0.63
1: recognition of one's on-the-job daily achievements 0.62
12: job satisfaction 0.62
7: on the job teamwork 0.62
27: continuous education programs offered and promoted by the organisation 0.61
20: knowledge of the organisation's action plan 0.59
32: possibility of decision making for the chiefs of the units 0.59
36: propensity to teamwork within the unit 0.59
4: ability of the system to reward individual performance 0.59
35: simplicity of roles and assignment of tasks within the unit 0.58
26: concern of the General Management about customers' complaints 0.57
14: equitable distribution of wages 0.54
22: concern of colleagues in the organisation about patients' needs 0.51
11: knowledge of the department's structure 0.49
15: knowledge of the organisation's mission and vision 0.49
48: adequacy of technical equipment 0.49
3: knowledge of the organisational structure of the General Management 0.48
37: concern for the patients' requests shown by the colleagues in the unit 0.46
38: adequate working conditions in the unit 0.44
5: feeling of responsability during daily work 0.43
9: feeling of self-direction in daily work situations 0.42
2: usually consulting colleagues in unexpected situations 0.30