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Table 3 Criterion validity testing for column B (Current Performance)

From: Translating and validating a Training Needs Assessment tool into Greek

3B "Critically evaluating published research" Rp 0,355
  P 0,012
  N 49
6B "Interpreting your own research results" Rp 0,326
  P 0,025
  N 47
7B "Applying research results to your practice" Rp 0,358
  P 0,012
  N 48
15B "Statistically analyzing your own research data" Rp 0,339
  P 0,021
  N 46
21B "Writing papers on your research studies" Rp 0,375
  P 0,010
  N 46
26B "Planning a research study" Rp 0,314
  P 0,033
  N 46