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Table 3 Types and frequency of errors in the death certification before and after the educational intervention.

From: Evaluating an educational intervention to improve the accuracy of death certification among trainees from various specialties

Type of Error Pre-interventionn (%) Post-interventionn (%) p-value
Listing the mechanism of death without an underlying disease as the cause of death 71 (42.6) 4 (2.4) <0.0001
Improper temporal sequencing of events 31 (18.7) 1 (0.6) <0.0001
Listing two causally unrelated, etiologically specific diseases as the cause of death 10 (6.0) 5 (3.0) 0.290
Use of abbreviations as a mean of identifying diseases 9 (5.4) 5 (3.0) 0.413
Listing the mechanism of death followed by the proper underlying cause of death 22 (13.3) 0 (0) <0.0001
Listing the cause of death in Part II (as one of other conditions contributing to the death but not causally related to the immediate cause of death) 46 (27.7) 5 (3.0) <0.0001