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Table 2 List of hospitals and cities where a 90-min seminar on "How to improve the accuracy of death certification" was held. Number of medical residents participating in each session is listed as well. A total of 332 death certificates were audited.

From: Evaluating an educational intervention to improve the accuracy of death certification among trainees from various specialties

Hospital City No. participants
Hospital Universitario Río Hortega Valladolid 42
Hospital Clínico Universitario Salamanca 40
Hospital Universitario Dr. Josep Trueta Gerona 29
Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía Córdoba 20
Complejo Hospitalario Xeral-Calde Lugo 20
Hospital Marítimo de Oza La Coruña 9
Hospital Universitário N. S. de Candelaria Santa Cruz de Tenerife 6
  Total participants 166