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Table 2 Areas of postpartum hospital care associated with women's negative concerns.

From: Critical views on postpartum care expressed by new mothers

Areas of postpartum hospital care
1. Organisation and environment (n = 77)
   Shortage of staff
   Lack of staff continuity
   Shortage of beds
   Deficient physical environment in general
   Inflexible length of stay
   Fathers not allowed to stay overnight
   Separation when baby is at neonatal clinic
   Problems experienced in postpartum care at a hotel
2. Staff attitudes and behaviour (n = 71)
   Lack of interest, invisible
   Insensitive, unfriendly, disrespectful, impersonal
   Rushed, stressed
3. Breastfeeding support (n = 37)
   Insufficient support
   Inappropriate support
4. Information (n = 47)
5. The role of the father (n = 8)
   Lack of attention and support
6. Attention to the mother (n = 91)
   Insufficient attention to physical health
   Insufficient attention to emotional needs