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Table 1 Annual minimum volume standards and their time of coming into effect in Germany

From: Evaluating compulsory minimum volume standards in Germany: how many hospitals were compliant in 2004?

Minimum volume MVS* suggested by health insurance funds MVS since 2004 MVS since 2006
Liver transplantation 25/Hospital 10/Hospital 20/Hospital
Kidney transplantation 40/Hospital 20/Hospital 25/Hospital
Stem cell transplantation 20/Hospital 12 +- 2 [10–14]/Hospital 25/Hospital
Complex pancreatic intervention 10/Hospital 5/Hospital 10/Hospital
Complex oesophageal intervention 10/Hospital 5/Hospital 10/Hospital
Complex interventions of the mamma 150/Hospital - -
Heart transplantation 9/Hospital - -
Coronary surgery 100/Hospital - -
Carotis-TEA 20/Hospital - -
PCI 150/Hospital - -
Total knee replacement - - 50/Hospital**
  1. * Minimum volume standard per year
  2. ** interim arrangement: hospitals with 40–49 total knee replacements and good quality can participate in 2006