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Table 4 Characteristics of persons interviewed

From: Low enrolment in Ugandan Community Health Insurance Schemes: underlying causes and policy implications

Key informant interviews Numbers
Hospital and scheme level (Medical Directors, Superintendents, other managerial, scheme staff). 9
District level (DDHS, Secretaries of Health). 3
National level Health Planners, Development Partners, WHO country office, Religious Bureaus, UCBHFA staff, average duration in post 5 years 11
Duration of each interview 30 minutes  
Exit interviews from both schemes  
Patients who are scheme members Average duration as scheme members 3–5 years, duration of each interview 45 minutes 28
Patients who are non-scheme members, duration of each interview 15 Minutes, (6 from Ishaka and 6 from SHU) 12
Total 63