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Table 3 Guide for the case study evaluation of the Ugandan schemes

From: Low enrolment in Ugandan Community Health Insurance Schemes: underlying causes and policy implications

Feature Key issues
Role of public Health Authorities (National and District levels) Policy, strategic framework and regulation, setting guidelines for accreditation of providers/insurers, specific roles of Ministries other than health, technical support in the design of schemes, promotion and marketing, funding role and subsidy.
Scheme design Problems encountered in the set up period, objectives of the scheme, target groups, enrolment period, unit of enrolment, benefit package marketing, monitoring and evaluation, management information system, premiums and co-payment, risk management, cost escalation and any other services offered by the scheme.
Scheme members Awareness of CHI, reasons for joining the scheme, involvement in CHI, subscribing unit and previous experiences with community financing initiatives.
Non scheme members Awareness of CHI and reasons for not joining the scheme