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Table 1 Identified information needs of patients with heart disease

From: Development and testing of innovative patient resources for the management of coronary heart disease (CHD): a descriptive study

   Information about the recommended level
   Information about own cholesterol
   Information about how cholesterol causes heart disease
   Information about the effect of diet and medication
   Frequency of blood testing required
   Duration for taking medication
   Need to document own cholesterol and date of blood test
Blood pressure (BP)
   Basic and easy to understand information about how BP effects the heart
   Which medications are for BP
   Need space available to record questions and communication with doctor
   All claimed it would be motivating if the doctor suggested they decrease their BP
Physical inactivity
   Request for flexibility and choice to suit lifestyle
   Need for practical and simple information about how activity reduces heart disease
   Information about safety and when to stop activity
   Duration and frequency of activity
   Suggestions such as having a chart (eg, on the fridge) would be motivating
   None said they need information about why they should stop
   Practical suggestions and choice about cessation methods
   Don't want to be told what to do
   Recommendation from the doctor would be motivating
   Information about nicotine patches
   All stated that setting a quit date would be helpful
   Knowing they were being monitored by a hospital staff member would be motivating