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Table 1 Descriptions of attributes of ideal quality indicators

From: Cross sectional study of performance indicators for English Primary Care Trusts: testing construct validity and identifying explanatory variables

Attribute Description
Validity Meeting the standard seen as better quality
Communicable Relevance of measure can be explained
Effective Indicator measures what it purports to measure
Reliable Data are complete, accurate, consistent and reproducible
Objective Data are independent of subjective judgement
Available Data are available quickly/routinely with minimal cost or effort
Contextual Indicator is context free
Attributable Performance on an indicator can be attributed to the relevant individual or team
Interpretation Indicator should reflect health needs, capacity, structures or performance
Comparable Indicator should be comparable to a gold standard
Remediable Poor performance on an indicator can be remedied
Repeatable Indicator should be sensitive to improvement
  1. Attributes and descriptions taken from Pringle et al. [7].