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Table 1 Quality dimensions and items in the quality index of family planning services, Egypt SPA 2002

From: Family planning services quality as a determinant of use of IUD in Egypt

Quality dimension and item Definition of item Score
1. Counseling   25
   Guideline Guidelines or protocols on counseling 25/4
   Privacy in counseling room Private room that ensures visual and auditory privacy 25/4
   Visual aids For demonstrating the use of family planning methods 25/4
   Individual client card Individual client card or record or chart for family planning 25/4
2. Examination room   25
   Privacy in examination room Private room that ensures visual and auditory privacy 25/9
   Examination table/bed Table or bed for examination such as pelvic examination 25/9
   Source of light Examination light including spot light 25/9
   Speculum Vaginal speculum for pelvic examination 25/9
   Soap For hand washing 25/9
   Water For had washing (tap water or bucket with tap) 25/9
   Glove Clean (disposable or sterile) latex gloves 25/9
   Decontamination solution Mixed solution for hand decontamination 25/9
   Sharp box For disposing used sharp objects (i.e. used needles) 25/9
3. Supply of contraceptive methods   25
   Oral contraceptives Combined or progesterone-only pills 25/6
   Injectables Combined or progesterone-only injection 25/6
   Condoms Male condoms 25/6
   Implants Norplant or Implanon 25/6
   IUDs Intrauterine devices 25/6
   Rhythm Counseling on natural or rhythm method 25/6
4. Management   25
   ≥ 50% of staff received training In-service training in any family planning topic in past year 25/3
   ≥ 50% of staff received supervision Receiving personal supervision in past 6 months 25/3
   Having up-to-date registration Having a recorded register up-to-date in last 7 days 25/3
Total score   100