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Table 4 Typology of non-users and users of complementary therapies (CTs) for asthma

From: Complementary therapy use by patients and parents of children with asthma and the implications for NHS care: a qualitative study

Non-users Complementary therapy (CT) users
CT sceptics:do not believe that CTs work; strong belief in value of "scientific" medicine Trust the doctor:only try what the doctor recommends; would only use CTs if the doctor advises Open or interested non-users:open to using CTs but not yet tried;
certain "trigger factors" could prompt use
Last resort users:tried all conventional treatments first; escalation of medication with lack of benefit, so turn to CTs Pragmatic users:"shop around" to use whatever treatments will help in parallel, both CTs and conventional medicine Committed users:CTs are preferred first port-of-call; committed to "alternative" philosophies of health