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Table 1 Recent major guidelines for hypertension

From: Methods underpinning national clinical guidelines for hypertension: describing the evidence shortfall

Organisation Publication Year Acronym
Canadian Medical Association [13] 1999 CMA
World Health Organisation – International Society of Hypertension [14] 1999 WHO
Veterans Health Administration (US) [15] 2000 VHA
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network [18] 2001 SIGN
European Society of Hypertension[19] 2003 ESH
Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (US) [16] 2003 ICSI
Joint National Committee VII (US) 2003 JNC
Southern African Hypertension Society [17] 2003 SA
British Hypertension Society [21] 2004 BHS
National Institute for Clinical Excellence [22] 2004 NICE