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Table 1 Description of the studies used in this paper.

From: The effects of the Two-Week Rule on NHS colorectal cancer diagnostic services: A systematic literature review

First author & Reference Location of study Study Type Time period studied
Chohan [6] Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge Retrospective observational study Jul 2000 to Dec 2001
Maruthachalam [7] Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust Prospective evaluative study Jan to Dec 2003
Eccersley [8] Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust Prospective audit Jan 2000 to March 2001
Walsh [9] Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Prospective audit Aug to Oct 2000
Debnath [10] South Durham Healthcare Trust Prospective audit Aug 2000 to Jul 2001
Flashman [11] Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth Prospective audit Jul 2000 to Jun 2001
Barwick [12] St James' University Hospital, Leeds Retrospective observational study Jan to Aug 2001
Tricket [13] Ashford & St Peter's Hospital NHS Trust Prospective observational study Nov 2000 to Oct 2001
  1. Key: Study looked at CRC patients only