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Table 1 A social marketing approach to changing physician behaviour [19]

From: A blended knowledge translation initiative to improve colorectal cancer staging [ISRCTN56824239]

Steps in the social marketing approach Description of intervention
1. Conducting interviews to investigate baseline knowledge A needs assessment was previously completed to assess how many LNs were being assessed in colorectal cancer staging [7]
2. Focusing programs on specific categories of physicians as well as on their opinion leaders General Surgeons and Pathologists were targeted. Opinion leaders were identified and recruited [22]
3. Defining clear educational and behavioural objectives LNs staging was emphasized during the discussion, including the target number of nodes to assess (12)
4. Establishing credibility through respected organizational identity, referencing authoritative literature and presenting controversies The expert OL came from a respected organization. The formal CME discussion presented an overview of the literature
5. Stimulating physician participation A question and answer session occurred after the formal CME session. This session often lasted long than the 'official' talk.
6. Using concise educational materials The pocket cards and posters emphasized the importance of 12 LNs being assessed
7. Highlighting and repeating essential messages The concept of 12 LNs was repeated in the talk, in the educational materials and in the reminder materials sent to the opinion leaders
8. Providing positive reinforcement of the improved practices in follow-up visits Ongoing process. Reinforcement will be sent by mail.