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Table 5 Member institutions of the partnership in the three periods.

From: Collaborating while competing? The sustainability of community-based integrated care initiatives through a health partnership

Period Member institutions 1973–1989 1989–1997 1997-present
Public Health Office Municipal Health Service
Primary care centres Holendrecht
GAZO Primary care centres
South-eastern Amsterdam
Professional associations 'Amsterdam Association of General Practitioners' 'Amsterdam Association of General Practitioners' 'Amsterdam Association of General Practitioners'
  'Amsterdam Association of Medical Specialists'   
Home care organizations 'Association of Collaborating Home Care Agencies in Amsterdam'
Home care association for Diemen/Ouder Amstel
'Amsterdam Home Care' 'Amsterdam Home Care'
Social care agencies Societal Center Bijlmer department of family care
Societaql Center Bijlmer department of social care
  MADI South-eastern
Amsterdam & Diemen
Nursing homes & residential homes   Nursing home, Gaasperdam
Home for assisted living, De Drecht
Residential home, Eben Haëzer
Residential home, De Diem
Residential home, Onze Woning
Residential home, De Venser
Residential home, Nellestein
Residential home, Henriette
Roland Holsthuis
Verenigde Amstelhuizen
Care group Amsterdam
Evean Care Amsterdam
Hospitals Wilhelmina Gasthuis
Academic Medical Center Academic Medical Center/University of Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam Faculty of Medicine (Academic Hospital University of Amsterdam) Faculty of Medicine (AZUA)  
Mental health care 'Association of General Mental Health Care for South-eastern Amsterdam' RIAGG (Regional Ambulatory Mental Health-care Agency) Academic Medical Center/De Meren
Community organizations SWOB association of community centres Bijlmer
Driemond community organization
Duivendrecht community organization
Diemen association of community centres
Financiers 'Association of Sickness Funds in Amsterdam'
'Haarlemmermeer Central sickness fund'
Municipality of Amsterdam*