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Table 3 Correlations between total revascularization (PCI plus CABG) rates (per 100,000 age 20 and older) with state-level socio-economic status, cardiovascular surgery and cardiology work forces data, utilization of diagnostic catheterization, and measures of the burden of coronary heart diseases.

From: Differences in per capita rates of revascularization and in choice of revascularization procedure for eleven states

Correlating variables Correlation Coefficient (R) P-Value
Socio-Economic Status   
   % of Population That is White 0.22 0.51
   % of Population below Poverty Level -0.03 0.94
   Unemployment Rate (%) -0.42 0.20
   % of Population on Medicaid -0.34 0.30
Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology Workforces   
   No. of Cardiovascular Surgeons per 100,000 Population 0.64 0.03
   No. of Cardiologists per 100,000 Population 0.22 0.51
   No. of Interventional Cardiologists per 100,000 Population 0.25 0.46
   No. of General Invasive Cardiologists per 100,000 Population 0.01 0.98
   No. of Interventional Cardiologists Plus Cardiovascular Surgeons per 100,000 Population 0.38 0.25
Utilization of Diagnostic Catheterization   
   No. of Diagnostic Catheterizations per 1,000 Medicare Enrollees 0.83 0.002
Measures of the Burden of Coronary Heart Diseases   
   Age/Sex Adjusted Admissions/100,000 population for Acute Myocardial Infarction 0.46 0.15
   Age/Sex Adjusted Admissions/100,000 population for Any Coronary Heart Diseases 0.64 0.03