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Table 4 Summary of findings from qualitative study

From: Using quantitative and qualitative data in health services research – what happens when mixed method findings conflict? [ISRCTN61522618]

I go down to town on the bus. I've got a four wheel trolley, it takes a lot of shopping ... I get a taxi home every week and it really does help. I don't have to think about it.(N14, female, 84, FU)
I eat a lot more fruit and better food really. (N3, female, 74, FU)
One-off payments
My fridge-freezer was on the blink, it's useless having these things mended, I didn't know when I would get one, but when I looked and saw I'd got the money back to April, I could go out and get one straight away and pay cash for it, it was an absolutely wonderful feeling. (N14, female, 84)
I had a four day holiday in Wales ... it's the first holiday I've had in thirty years ... it was wonderful, where before you know I would never, never been able to afford it. (N3, female 74, FU)
We haven't got that much money left in the bank now ... so, yes, it does help for emergencies. (N15, female, 62)
Peace of mind
I used to get so depressed that I couldn't afford this that and the other, and now you know, I think to myself, oooh look at my statement I can afford that, that's lovely, it makes me feel good. (N14, female, 82)