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Table 1 List of 33 symptoms inquired about as part of the West of Scotland Twenty-07 study*

From: Symptom experience and subsequent mortality: results from the West of Scotland Twenty-07 study

Respiratory/ENT symptoms
Colds or flu
Persistent cough
Palpitations or breathlessness
Sinus, catarrh or blocked nose
Sore throat
Wheezy chest
Musculoskeletal symptoms
Sore or stiff back
Stiff or painful joints
Muscle tightness or tension
Gastro-intestinal symptoms
Stomach pain or cramps
Poor appetite
Sickness or nausea
Piles or haemorrhoids
Mental health symptoms
Difficulty sleeping
Nerves or tension
Difficulty concentrating
Worrying over every little thing
Feeling depressed
Neurological symptoms
Trembling hands
Fainting or dizziness
Systemic (general) symptoms
Feeling generally run down
Always feeling tired
Hot and sweating a lot
Cold sweats
Other symptoms
Trouble with ears
Trouble with eyes
Skin rash or skin problems
Trouble with teeth or mouth
Kidney or bladder problems
  1. *Symptoms were not presented to participants in this order or in these groupings