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Table 1 Countries generating political asylum seekers and refugees to the UK in the past 10 years

From: Impact on and use of health services by international migrants: questionnaire survey of inner city London A&E attenders

Named countries by region*


Albania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, SAM+, Turkey, Ukraine


Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica


Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Middle East

Iran, Iraq

Rest of Asia

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

  1. *Source: Home Office data on individual claims for political asylum in the UK from specifically named countries only [21]. For the past 10 years the named countries generating political asylum seekers to the UK has remained unchanged, though the numbers arriving from each country have fluctuated.
  2. +Serbia and Montenegro replaced the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/FRY from Feb 5, 2003; SAM includes the Province of Kosovo.