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Table 7 Participants suggestions for novel approaches to promoting smoking cessation

From: Barriers and motivators to gaining access to smoking cessation services amongst deprived smokers – a qualitative study

'I think it's you have to advertise that you're giving something..... if you give somebody a 10 p voucher for a can of beans, they'll buy it because it's a voucher.'
'You need something to zap it up, like "it could be you", something to grab your attention.'
'So maybe it should say a bit more, like you say, people like a bargain.'
'I think everything to do with junkies should be designed personally, we're all very, very different.'
'It was addressed to me personally that made me come (to the focus group), I thought "how did they know I smoke?", and I thought "I'll have a look at this, this is interesting"....'
'Small localised groups, I think that's a good idea because there's a chance you'll bump into someone on the street who's going through the thing you're doing, you start to form networks'
'.... if every time you smoked a cigarette you got a purple mark on top or your teeth, you know like that stuff where you don't clean your teeth properly when you were a kid ...'
'...... a voluntary visit to people in the hospitals who are dying through smoking.'
'If you saw directors of tobacco companies and they weren't smoking, they wouldn't let their kids smoke, if you saw the lifestyle that we pay for them to live in, maybe that would work ...'