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Table 1 Variables analyzed as potential predictors of 'satisfaction with amount of PCP choice' grouped by domains

From: Consumer satisfaction with primary care provider choice and associated trust

Domain Models Variables Items in the National Survey Var. Type §
Consumer Characteristics + Income < $20,000
$20,000 – 39,000
≥ $40,000
  Chronic health condition *
Poor mental health
Poor physical health
Visits to PCP > 10 *
Do you have a long-term medical condition?
In general, would you say your mental health is excellent, good...poor (Recoded)
In general, would you say your physical health is excellent, good...poor (Recoded)
About how many visits have you made to (PCP) in your life? (Recoded)
Information and Decision+ Speak to PCP outside medical office * In a typical year, about how often do you speak to (PCP) outside of the office?
E.g., at the store or at a meeting (Recoded)
  Main reason selected PCP* What is the main reason you first selected (PCP)?
   Hear from family/friends
   Hear from other doc/person Pick from a list
   Assigned/no choice/only doc *
   Other reasons picking PCP
   PCP/office management related
  Dispute with PCP*
Dispute with insurer
Major surgery by PCP
Would change PCP if could *
Would change insurer if could
Years with the PCP *
Years with the insurer
Satisfaction with the PCP*
Satisfaction with the Insurer*
Have you ever been upset with/had a serious dispute with (PCP)?
Have you ever had a disagreement with (insurer) e.g., over billing or coverage?
Thinking back over the past 5 yrs, has (PCP) done any major surgery (Anesthesia required) for you?
If you could, you would like to find a different doctor.
If you could, you would like to find a different health insurer.
Approximately how long has (PCP) been your doctor?
About how long have you had this health insurer?
Overall, you are extremely satisfied with (PCP)
Overall, you are extremely satisfied with (insurer)
System & Insurer Trust Insurer trust Scale of Trust in the Insurer [41] Cont
Plan Characteristics + Enough insurer choice*
Government insurer *
Managed care
Insurer charged less if PCP within network *
Insurer assigned PCP *
Permission for specialist req'd
Do you feel like you (or your spouse/domestic partner) had enough choice in selected (insurer)?
Is (insurer) private insurance/government program/both private & gov't program (Recoded)
What is the name of the health insurer you have used the most over the past 2 yrs? (Recoded)
Does (insurer) charge you less if you choose your doctor from a list or make you pay more if you go to a doctor not on the list?
Does (insurer) make you sign up with specific doctors or clinics for your routine care?
Does (insurer) make you get permission before you can see a medical specialist?
Provider Characteristics + Provider type * What type of doctor or healthcare provider is (PCP)? (Recoded)
   Nurse practitioner/physician asst./unconventional healers
   General practitioner/internist/family doctor *
  PCP always able to diagnose * No matter what health problem you might have, (PCP) will always be able to figure out exactly what is wrong. [including referring you to a specialist, when appropriate] Y/N
  PCP will listen with care & Concern * (PCP) will listen with care & concern to any problem you might have, even problems that are small or silly Y/N
  PCP has better medical skills than most other PCPs (PCP) has better medical skills than most other (PCP) in (his/her) field. Y/N
  PCP's care has been extremely effective* (PCP)'s medical care has been extremely effective Y/N
  Long waiting time to appointment* You have to wait too long to get an appointment to see (PCP) Y/N
  Confounders Tested   
What is your age?
Interviewer record sex (Ask if necessary: Are you male or female?) (Recoded)
What is the highest level of schooling you have completed? (Recoded)
High school or less
Vocational/technical school, some college, or 2 year college 4 year college, graduate school, or professional school
  Race Match What is (PCP)'s race? What is (participant)'s race. (Recoded) Y/N
  Highly recommend PCP to family & friends You would highly recommend (PCP) to your family and friends. Y/N
  High worries about health The healthcare you've been receiving relieves U completely of worry & uncertainty (Recoded) Y/N
  Second opinion on PCP Have you ever sought a 2nd opinion because of concerns about the care provided by (PCP)? Y/N
  1. Notes: Outcome of each model was 'enough PCP choice' (Do you feel like you had enough choice when you selected (PCP)? Response = Yes/No).
  2. + Domains associated with 'satisfaction with amount of PCP choice.'
  3. * Significant variables within domains (p < 0.15) and included in further analyses.
  4. § Variable Type: Cat = Categorical, Cont = Continuous