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Table 8 Actions needed to strengthen health research capacity

From: Status of national health research systems in ten countries of the WHO African Region

Actions needed at country level to stimulate health research capacity Number of countries n= 10
Incentives for researchers and clear career development paths for researchers 6
Establish networking with institutions & individual researchers 1
Allow tax exemptions for research inputs 1
Allocate regular budget for health research & establish local financing systems 8
Establish legal framework (policy & legislation) for health research 5
Clearly define structural and institutional arrangements for health research 4
Establish alternative mechanisms of research dissemination 1
Strengthen human health research capacity 4
Increase awareness on the need for national health research agenda 1
Equip research institutions 2
Encourage utilization of research findings in decision-making 1
Actions needed at international level to stimulate health research capacity  
Strengthen health research collaboration and linkages 5
Provide technical training opportunities 4
Establish more access to donations and funding 8
Establish consultative exchange visits and forums 4
Promote networking and technical support 4
Strengthen health research systems 2
Help with health research equipment 2
Nominate a research focal point at WHO country office 1