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Table 1 Summary of site visit interview guide

From: Integrating complementary and alternative medicine into academic medical centers: Experience and perceptions of nine leading centers in North America

Request intake forms
List of personnel – name and role
List of resources they utilize/recommend
1) Background
History/evolution of clinic
Who are components of team
2) Clinical
What range of conditions do you treat?
Is it a centralized service (or local, housed in various divisions)?
Is your clientele of a predominant ethnicity?
How do patients access the clinic?
What intake forms do you use?
Do you provide a consult service only, or continuing care?
Do you recommend specific treatments? On what level of evidence? How is this decided? Do you sell anything (e.g., supplements) on site? Why or why not?
How do you come to decide which products/practices/practitioners to recommend?
Do all team members see all patients or is there a "team leader" who makes those decisions?
How long are initial appointments, follow-ups, and appointments with each team member?
How do team meetings/Rounds work?
3) Research
What research is underway at present? What projects are completed? What did you start with?
4) Education
Are all team members involved in the provision i.e., rounds, clinical activities?
Who comes to your center as a trainee?
Do you provide community education i.e. to the rest of hospital/health center, consumers, etc.?
5) Operations
How much space do you have?
How are you funded?
Is it fee-for-service or salaries for your clinical staff?
Is it covered by insurance, or pay-out-of-pocket?
Has it been a hindrance to have patients pay?
How do you handle legal issues?
6) Advice
What were your critical factors for success/failure?