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Table 5 Most common procedures in the MDCs for which underservicing of the socially disadvantaged occurred

From: The use of end-quintile comparisons to identify under-servicing of the poor and over-servicing of the rich: A longitudinal study describing the effect of socioeconomic status on healthcare

MDC ICD-9-CM code Description
2 13.41 Phacoemulsification and aspiration of cataract
  13.59 Other extracapsular extraction of lens
3 23.19 Other surgical extraction of teeth
  23.13 Surgical extraction of two or more teeth
  23.09 Forceps extraction of other tooth
6 47.0 Appendectomy
  49.46 Excision of haemorrhoids
  53.00 Unilateral repair of inguinal hernia
8 80.6 Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee
  81.47 Other repair of knee
9 86.3 Other local excision or destruction of lesion or tissue of skin and subcutaneous tissue
  85.21 Local excision of lesion of breast
17 99.25 Chemotherapy
  41.31 Biopsy of bone marrow
  40.11 Biopsy of lymphatic structures
  99.04 Transfusion of packed cells