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Table 1 Examples of interventions to promote professional behaviour change.

From: What do we know about how to do audit and feedback? Pitfalls in applying evidence from a systematic review

Educational outreach visits A personal visit by a trained person to a health care provider in his or her own setting
Reminders (manual or computerised] Prompts performance of a patient specific clinical action
Interactive educational meetings Participation of health care providers in workshops that include discussion or practice
Audit and feedback Any summary of clinical performance over a specified period of time
Local opinion leaders Health professionals nominated by their colleagues as being educationally influential
Local consensus process Inclusion of professionals in discussions to agreed the approach to managing a clinical problem that they have selected as important
Patient mediated interventions Specific information sought from or given to patients
Educational materials Distribution of recommendations for clinical care (such as clinical practice guidelines, audio-visual materials, electronic publications).
Didactic educational meetings Lectures with minimal participant interaction
Financial incentives payments directly rewarding health care providers for specified behaviours
Multifaceted interventions A combination of two or more interventions